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Mini Digger Hire & Groundwork

Do you require Mini Digger Hire for local groundwork? We can help. We can erect shed bases, driveways or hire a man & a digger for the day to work with you. 

{company_name } can provide a digger for you in a day to work with you in shedding bases and driveways, they deliver reliable services to the following areas; Drainage and soakaways, Water troughs, Driveways, Driveways.

Water Troughs.

We supply trenching to install water to your water troughs. In this case, we will dig channels for you from your primary water source without damaging your landscape or use too much space of your grazing pastures.

This company will also provide pipes and install them for you at your preferred range and sizes. There are those that range in 20mm to 25mm diameter MPE sizes.


Our experienced mechanical trencher can excavate trenches that go up to 1meter deep and 1.25 meters wide. These will be suitable for water pipes land and drain.

Drainage and soakaways.

The laws and regulations that govern building and construction require property owners to adequately dispose of stormwater from buildings and prevent the occurrence of floods.

For water to be dispersed into the ground in a quick and even way, you should consider the use of a soakaway since discharging storm water into a drain is only allowed if you have soakaways or other types of suitable infiltration methods.

The soakaways we will install for you will be able to soak the immediate storm water run-off and allow the infiltration to the soil to take place smoothly and slowly. For this to be effective, you need to ensure soakaways are well installed.


We are the best company when it comes to landscaping design and construction. It doesn’t matter if you require soft landscaping and planting, done at excellent standards. We have qualified employees who are well trained and will ensure your requirements are fulfilled.

Our team of professionals will closely corporate with our client’s choice of design and landscaping maintenance program to suit the customers’ requirements. We can do country estates, courtyards and ensure our customers smile on their way home having achieved what they required from us.

Our team of qualified professionals is here to help you in areas of garden construction, garden tidying, garden design, brickwork and installation of garden features, perfectly manicured lawns, beautiful planting and any other features the client may require. We will ensure you achieve a perfect garden.

Shed base

The company will also ensure that your shed area is free from obstruction such as bushes and trees.

The area should also not have installed pipes, drains, or electric lines that may prevent the base from being laid, this will ensure that your garden building can go for long periods without any challenge.


One thing for sure is that an attractive driveway gives a great first impression and typically raises the value of your home. Suffolk Fencing Supplies has a variety of designs of driveway paving that can acquire a premium durable, beautiful look.

We are a reliable company that is trusted everywhere in Suffolk and its environs. We specialise in different kind of designs and offer quality surfacing solutions for both domestic and commercial customers.