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Fencing Supplies Near Me

If you are searching for Fencing Supplies Near Me, we provide garden and agricultural fencing for Suffolk and the UK.

Even though some people think that we only focus on horse fencing, estates, and farms, we offer fencing services to different types of properties, including homes, commercial properties and rural homes we can supply and fit fences and gates in any property in Suffolk.

The type of fence, cost, duration of time needed and labour requirements are determined by several factors such as the size of land, your location and the type of property that requires a fence.

We are well equipped with over ten years in business; possessing the necessary skills, experience, workforce, and equipment needed for the job, helping you with groundwork and landscaping requirements.

Types of garden fencing that we offer:

Electric fencing

Electric fencing is easy to install, electrify & maintain & is a good alternative to the more traditional types of fencing.

We can provide either the traditional electric unit or Solar powered units. However, the cost of installing an electric fence can be quite high, especially if you have a large piece of land, we can help you install an electric fence for all types of animals or predators.

We aim to:

Advise you on the type of components that you need before we start the installation.

Explain everything you need to know about setup.

Help you troubleshoot any problems that you might experience after installing the fence.

Fencing Accessories

Since we all have different preferences, we supply a wide range of electric fence accessories including timber, net, rope, tape wire, gates, energisers, insulators, plastic posts, etc. when dealing with electric fences

  • Battery systems
  • Solar powered systems
  • Supply and erect
  • Supply only
  • Accessories
  • Main system

Otter fencing

Otters are well-known predators, especially in ponds, fishing lakes, and fish stock. These predators feed on about 10% of the flesh only, and with their increasing number, they have a significant impact on fishing. If you are looking to protect your fish ponds from otters, we provide otter fencing.

We use high tensile mesh that’s galvanized for longevity and to ensure otters cannot enter/pass through, we dig the mesh to the ground. We use inverted fence tops to prevent otters from climbing, all wood used is creosoted to ensure a longer lifespan after installation.

Otter fencing Solutions
Agricultural fencing

Agricultural fencing

There are diverse requirements when it comes to agricultural fencing while some people are looking to protect their crops from rabbits & deer, others are looking to keep their cattle or other livestock in certain designated areas.

We will take into consideration all the requirements to ensure that everything is well planned so that the fence is to remain stable and last longer, we can do trenching, draining and groundwork that’s required. The purpose of the fence, preference and your budget are some of the factors that will determine the type of fence we will install.

Why should you choose us?

Customer service

We offer reliable customer service by advising and helping our clients at all times.


we have been in the industry for more than ten years. Therefore, we have gathered a wide range of experience in fencing and fences.

Extensive coverage

Regardless of where you live, you need to contact us, and we will be glad to offer our services.


We believe in customer satisfaction. As a result, our workers are trained and skilled in customer relationships to ensure we offer the best fencing services.