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Cost To Build A Fence

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  • 02-10-2019
Cost To Build A Fence

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Fence Around A Field?

Consideration of fencing costs can be just as big of a decision as deciding to install the fence in the first place. There are many different prices advertised by and array of companies.

These are determined by the materials you use for your fencing boards, your fencing posts, fencing rails, and the mix to set the posts in. With all this to keep in mind, pricing a fence can be overwhelming to the fencing novice.

Let’s break it down.

Materials Used

There are many choices when it comes to materials to use for your fencing needs, such as timber, concreate, aluminum, and so on.

Timber is the most affordable option for fencing. The timber used should be treated and well-maintained, and if done so, can last a life time.

At Suffolk Fencing Supplies, all the fencing panels are made with optimum pressure-treated timber. This treatment protects the panels against rot, fungus, and general natural decay for decades.

Fence Style

Part of the fun of picking out a fence is deciding on the style you like. You may have a vision of your perfect fence, or you may be at a loss and unsure where to begin.

We offer a variety of fence styles, ranging from straight-forward and more affordable wooden panels to the ranch-style upper market fencing.

Wood colour is also a factor in price. Green wood, for example, suits those with a lower budget.

Height and Length

Our fencing calculator takes into consideration of your specifications for your fence. It asks for the height and length to provide you with a more accurate price quote.

There are four standard heights for fences:

  • 0.9m
  • 1.2m
  • 1.5m
  • 1.8m

While your fences come with an option of heights, the length is up to you. Your fencing needs can be as long or as short as you like. However, the more material wood, the more costly the fence will be.

Disposal of Old Materials

If you have an existing fence you’d like to be replaced, and you have settled on hiring a professional to build your new fence, then you will need to take into consideration the cost of the removal of the old materials.

Existing fencing panels, posts, and any foundations should be removed and disposed of properly. This then increases the price of the job.

While considering quotes for your fence installation, make sure you request itemized quotes to gain an exact understanding of the price per metre and the cost of labour.

Foundation Work

Not all ground is created equal. A soft or rocky landscape can make for a more difficult job. Thus, extra materials and labour will be required to ensure a properly supported fence to counteract the difficult ground, which can increase the cost of the fence installation.

Additional Considerations


Installing a fence requires more than just your bare hands and wood—it requires extra tools and supplies.

Our fencing calculator includes the cost of post-mix and nails. However, if you do not need these items, you can remove them from your quote.

Other supplies and tools you’ll need are protective gloves, saws, hammers, sealant and even some paint to put on the finishing touches.

Time of the Year

The most cost-effective time of the year to get your fence done is during the winter months. At the beginning of spring and summer, most people have their sights on outdoor chores, including fence-building, which causes prices to increase.

However, after this rush in the autumn and winter months, material costs will decrease.

Waiting until quieter months could create less pressure on your pocketbook by saving on labour costs.

If you are considering agricultural fence building for your property within the Suffolk area, get in touch to ask about our fencing services. Find out more about our farm fencing.